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This section of the site is dedicated to helping not only those women who want to begin a regular exercise program and donít know where to start, but also more experienced individuals who wish to both brush up on the basics and learn some new techniques to take their workout program to the next level.

Many women have told me they would like to begin working out but are too intimidated to go to a gym, either because they feel too self conscious about their current body shape or because they donít know how to use the equipment and feel awkward about asking for help. If you are not comfortable going to a gym (or find it difficult to schedule gym time into your day), then the Working Out at Home section will show you how to get a full body workout at home without investing in expensive equipment.

Whether you are a rookie or someone who already knows their way around a gym, I invite you to review the Basic Workout Guidelines and Program Design Fundamenals sections for tips regarding how to ensure you obtain the most benefit from your exercise program while avoiding potential injury. Time is a precious commodity these days, so if youíre going to invest the time to work out, you will want to achieve noticeable results as quickly as possible.

I also recommend you review the section on Supplementary Fitness Information. I will be building a collection of practical articles to help you make intelligent choices about the type of exercise options that would be most beneficial for your particular body type and lifestyle.

For the record, I am a CPTN certified Personal Trainer. I have also trained for a number of years under Scott Abel, a highly respected physique transformation specialist who has trained over 300 bodybuilding and figure champions, as well as coached professional hockey players, football players and wrestlers. I have personally worked out in a gym environment for over 10 years and I also hold a second degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. So in developing this section of the site, I have drawn from my professional education, the expert coaching and guidance I've received and my extensive personal experience to provide accurate, detailed information, effective training techniques and advanced training tips that will most definitely produce the results you're looking for.

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