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Good health is vital to looking good and feeling good. In fact, physical appearance, mental capacity, emotional state and overall energy levels are directly related to quality of physical health. If you fail to see the connection, think about some of the "less positive" people you know, those that don't have a very happy outlook on life and/or never seem to do much of anything because they're always too tired. Odds are these people have moderate to severe health issues weighing them down.

Good health is something I think we all tend to take for granted. This is, until something goes wrong and health becomes compromised. When that happens, shock (and fear) provides a sudden attitude adjustment, but by then it's quite often already too late and we're forced to live with the limitations and restrictions imposed by our disability.

While there are no guarantees that anyone will go through life disease-free, our best defense against disease or health-related disability is taking responsibility for our overall good health NOW. Part of this responsibility includes understanding what can go wrong with our bodies if we don't treat them properly and then learning how to guard against this.

Most of the common diseases and disorders facing our population today are directly related to the quality (and quantity) of our diet, and with obesity the fastest growing epidemic in North America the incidences of all these diseases are on the rise. This means that if you're not familiar with diabetes, heart disease or cancer, you soon will be as more and more people you know personally are diagnosed with them.

This section of the site therefore identifies some of the more common health related diseases/disorders and discusses what we can do to guard against them. It also covers the basics of health and nutrition so you will better understand what it takes to remain healthy as well as how to plan healthier meals to maintain good physical health. The benefits of doing so are many. Not only will you reduce your risk of disease, you will look better, feel and think more positively and have more motivation and energy to enjoy life's many challenges and rewards.

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