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This site is a “labour of love” rather than a revenue generator and accordingly I felt it would be inappropriate to charge for advertising. Yet Positive Impressions is a networking site, and so I do want to provide information about additional resources which I believe will be beneficial in developing your own unique “positive impression” and contribute to your overall self empowerment.

So here’s the compromise. All businesses which I feel can offer a product or service of value to my audience may “advertise” on this site at no charge, provided they provide a special offer to the Positive Impressions readership. In most cases, I will know and can personally vouch for these businesses. If not, this will be clearly indicated on the special offer page.

Should you decide to pursue any of the special offers listed here, please ensure you advise the business you wish to take advantage of the Positive Impressions special deal.

If you own or operate a business that is related to overall health and/or image enhancement and would like to be listed here, please contact me at positiveimpressions@sympatico.ca.

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