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Traditional body building works each body part individually, using multiple sets of different exercises to hit the targeted muscle group hard and from several different angles to promote muscle growth. Then after an adequate rest period that allows the muscles to repair themselves (and grow), the same muscle group is hit again. Any supplementary cardio training is done separately, using the treadmill, bike or stairmaster.

A more efficient way for today's busy modern woman to train is by combining traditional resistance training exercises for two or more body parts into multi-exercise "combination" sets so that multiple body parts can be trained at once. This not only reduces overall training time, it adds a cardio aspect to the workout so that traditional cardio-only training can be reduced or perhaps even eliminated - a further time savings.

This section of this site outlines the various resistance training exercises you can do at home for each body part, and then the Combination Exercises page provides some sample combination sets you can incorporate into your workouts to maximize training efficiency.

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